Monday, July 14, 2008

Stairs on the deck, level hallway and grout on the floor

Much has been accomplished since I last typed.  Last weekend W2 managed to build the stairs to the deck.  We had planned to build a ramp but when we realized it would need to be 16 feet long, which would block the view of the bay window in the dining room, I said NO!  loudly and repeatedly.  W2 was not happy and it was a very long and frustrating day, but the stairs are done and absolutely lovely.  We just have to build the railings and we will be done.

This past weekend, we grouted the tile in the bathroom and leveled the floor in the upstairs hallway.  There was a 2.5" difference across 4'.  It felt like walking on the rolling deck of a ship.  Because not only did it drop, but it dropped to the right, pitching you into the wall of the hallway.  That was corrected on Saturday.  It's not completely level but it is straight.  and straight is a huge improvement.

We grouted Friday night and Saturday saw that there were air bubbles in the grout.  The only option W2 saw was to sledgehammer it out and start over.  I was horrified.  There had to be another way.  So I called the folks in the flooring department at the Evil Orange Box and learned that we could put another layer of grout on, working it into the holes with our fingertips.  So that was my job.  I did that Saturday and again today.  It should be done now.  all we have to do is wait for it to dry before we can apply the sealer.  Once the sealer is done and dry we can install the vanity, then baseboards, then toilet!!!  At that point the bathroom will be done.

Our carpet is ordered and should be in  the 22nd.  We are gaining on it!