Monday, June 30, 2008

bathroom floor

W2 being the master shopper that he is had found the tile I craved for the kitchen floor on clearance at Lowe's in a quantity that would allow us to do our bathroom floor.  Or so we thought.  Until we started laying out the floor on Saturday.  Of course we couldn't lay out the floor until we had ripped up the rotten subfloor, made a trip to the evil orange box, laid new subfloor, laid cement board to go under tile, screw down cement board.  So at 6 pm we are starting to lay out the floor when we realize that we do not have enough tile.

It had been an ugly week for me and Saturday was no different.  Calling myself a bitch was putting it mildly.  I was out of control and could recognize it but had no power to change it.  I felt horrible for W2.  I was sick to death of tripping over stuff no matter I chose to walk, stepping on things that hurt when you stepped on them, and having things fall over onto my feet.  Just over it.  So at 6 pm on Saturday when we don't have enough tile, let's just say it wasn't a good thing.

But off to the Evil Orange Box we went, me for the second time that day, to find tile that would match what we already had and not cost a fortune.  We were successful and went home to figure out how to pattern the three types of tile together.  We agreed on a design and called it quits for the night, opening a bottle of wine...and polishing it off in short order.

Sunday we actually tiled the floor.  Because it is so flippin' humid it probably will not be dry for another week.  Which is a bit of a problem since the room only has one exit, meaning we couldn't tile the entire floor in one shot.  We go 2/3 done and will have to wait for it to dry.  We are both happy with it, and I will post pictures soon.

Tonight we are back to wiring outlets.  I'm actually getting good at it!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Master bedroom

We are closing in on finishing the master bedroom.  The one thing we absolutely must do in the next day or two is to choose  a flippin' carpet.  This is the one thing that we will not and can not do on our own.  This means we have to be fit into someone else's schedule.  This could be a problem if we don't make a decision soon.  

The housewarming party is scheduled for August 2nd.  The evites have gone out and the print ones will be mailed tomorrow.  This means we have to be done.  Not maybe.  Definitely done.  I work well under pressure so deadlines are usually a good thing for me.  But when I have to be fit into someone else's schedule my time lines do not always work.


can you tell I am having some anxiety around this?!

There are 195 people invited to the party.  We have to be moved into the master suite and have the other three bedrooms emptied and set up for company.  That can't happen until the carpet is installed.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008


W2 bought me/us a weed whacker over the weekend, much to my delight and glee.  You see, I find myself tickled with owning a home with a yard.  I have waited anxiously/patiently to be able to design and plant the flower beds, herb garden and vegetable garden.  I had thought I would be able to do so this year, but not so.  We still have to tear up the yard in order to deal with the septic system, dry well, leeching field and who knows what else, along with siding the garage.  Which leaves out all eligible space for gardens :(

Anyway, W2 is a champ, but you all know that if you've been reading this for even just a minute, so he not only bought me a weed whacker, but he got one with attachments!!!!  He got a brush blade and a cultivator.  Now I was skeptical about the cultivator, having sold such things at the Evil Orange Box I was knowing that we took an awful lot of them back as returns because they didn't work for shit.  NOT THE CASE with this one.  It's amazing and chews right through our clay like dirt with no work from us.  How cool is that?!

I have been waging a war against the sumac that is taking over the whole back half of our yard.  Last week W2 purchased me/us a weed burner/flame thrower (which was very exciting for my pyromaniac heart), but it took an awful lot of patience to burn the living plants.  More patience that I come equipped with.  So off he went to research the best tool for the job and money and came home with this amazing kitty of tools.  I am delirious!!!  If you had told me that a weed whacker could make me this happy, even last year, I would have scoffed at you, but today, today I am tickled!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just when you think you're done

All went smoothly with the refinance and all the checks have been written so that we can pay off the evil Wells Fargo and be done once for all.  Today W2 gets a call from the rep. he's been dealing with and she tells him that they are not going to accept the payment as it is not in their best interest.


They have done nothing that was in our best interest and now they won't take our money?!  What the hell is that?

I got on the phone and called a lawyer.  At this point it is our only option.  I swear W2's head is going to pop off he's so mad and frustrated.  In the meantime, W2 was able to get in touch with a superior to the rep and learn that she is talking out her ass and can't tell us that.  He wrote the letter he was instructed to write and all should be good.  If not, we will enlist the help of said lawyer, maybe even go after them for harassment.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father's Day

We celebrated Father's Day at our house this weekend with both of our families.  It was bizarre to have everyone there and not for work...what a concept?!  My folks arrived Friday night, Team Smart arrived Saturday morning, W2's folks along with Team Burger arrived Sunday afternoon.  It wasn't the easiest of days, but it was nice not to feel like we had to choose one family over the other.

My folks slept in the new Master bedroom Saturday night, on an air mattress but they were the first to sleep in the bedroom.  It could/should have been us, but they refused to sleep in our bed.  They didn't want to kick us out.  Whatever!  There was room for everyone and soon enough there will be beds for everyone!!!

W2 and I went to Lowe's yesterday and purchased our bathroom sink, vanity, mirror, toilet, cabinet and the chandelier for the dining room.  We then went and picked out the carpet for the bedroom.  No we just have to get the tile down in the bathroom before we can install anything.  When we got everything home and unpacked it we found a chip in the vanity top/sink.  Very disappointing!!  But W2 returned it today and got another so all is well.

Once we get the bathroom floor done we will schedule the carpet install.  Everything is on track for our part of the house to be done for the housewarming.  We're getting there!

Monday, June 9, 2008

It's been a while

Things got really hectic on the work front and as that was the only access I had to a computer there was no time to blog. I am no longer on the work front and am currently searching for new work, this does allow time for a quick catch up blog.

We barrelled ahead as is our way from the last I wrote. The furnace is in the attic, the deck is built and has railings, it even has decorative stained glass caps on the posts that bring you onto the front porch and again on the back deck. The washer and dryer are hooked up. The master bathroom is rocked, taped, and painted. W2 and my dad worked on plumbing the bathroom this past weekend. The master bedroom is rocked, taped and primed. The windows have casing's and window sills. The hallway is rocked, taped and primed. The foyer is painted. The ceilings in all aforementioned spaces are painted.

We raced the bank in an attempt to get as much accomplished prior to the June 1st deadline. We didn't get it done, but we accomplished a ton of stuff. The appraiser was scheduled for 9:00 a.m. last Tuesday. So that was our deadline. W2's mom and sister came out Monday night to help clean the house and make it look like a home. It looked amazing. We having a functional dining room, that has pictures and plants on the surfaces versus the clutter and paraphenalia left over from the move. We even have a dining room table in the middle of the room. I realize this sounds like crazy talk for anyone who has been with us along this journey, but I kid you not.

The Appraiser was not the warmest and friendliest type of guy and when he left it was rather anti climactic. Here we had been busting out humps for 8 months and more short termed, the past month to be ready for this meeting and when he left, we knew no more than when he had arrived. So we waited.

On Saturday we recieved the letter from Wells Fargo telling us we were out of time, we had not met their requirements and they would be moving forward with legal action, ie foreclosure. We spent a very anxious weekend knowing no answers could be had until today at the earliest. My dad was up to help work and smooth out frazzled nerves. He was a champ, as usual.

W2 called the new bank today and learned we were approved for the re finance!!!!! We appraised a little lower than we had hoped but they are putting it in the documentation that the house is unfinished which will allow us to refinance when we finish. W2 will close on that tomorrow and the evil Wells Fargo will be paid off in full within the next 10 days. We are free of the rehab loan from hell!!!

I don't know how W2 is feeling, seeing as he is at work, but I want to celebrate!!! OK, my unemployment doesn't lend itself well to big pricey dinners, but I do have a bottle of our favorite red at the house that I put in the cellar to chill. That will have to suffice. It is appropriate seeing as we consumed a bottle on the day we closed.

Aaaaah!! Relief. Now we can back to work on the house.