Monday, November 17, 2008

Minor improvements and major snafu's

So since W2 has no time (due to working 7 days a week) and no motivation do to BURN OUT I have been striving to finish the little things that need finishing.  Last week I installed/hung the hand towel ring in our bathroom, but it wobbles.  Yesterday I tried to hang/install the hand towel ring in the guest bathroom but couldn't figure it out and the instructions were virtually non existent.  Today I hung the robe hook in our bathroom and 2 other hooks on the back of our bathroom door.  

I was feeling rather accomplished and proud of myself, until I shut the door.  The fucking wall anchor went through the other side of the door.  So although I now have two beautiful hooks on the back of my door, I have two very UNbeautiful holes on the side that faces out to my bedroom.  I can't wait to hear what kind of recriminations W2 has in regards to this latest adventure.

Now I will try to figure out how I can fix it with spackle? joint compound? and paint.  It can be done right?  What do you think the chances of him not noticing are?

Probably not so good.

Oh well, at least I'm doing something.  Or trying to.

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