Thursday, January 31, 2008

The house was warm

I arrived home to a warm and toasty, stinky house. I am so proud of warrior #2(W2) and his accomplishments in regards to the furnace. Apparently it took a couple trips to the hardware store and the local Oil Supply company for parts. God forbid it be just one thing! Seems that not only the pump went but during the course of going, it blew some other parts to pieces. Good fun for W2, who knew little to nothing about the pieces and parts involved in a furnace. But he figured it out and as you might be able to tell, I am thoroughly impressed.

I should mention that I sleep soundly. The reason I mention this is that I did not know that W2 was up three or four times during the night of no heat. He went down to the basement, ran the salamander heater, stood with it to make sure it didn't catch anything on fire, returned upstairs and ran water in the sink until it was hot. He did this three or four times. I slept through all of it. Warm and snug under a mound of blankets, feathers, and fur.

Having mentioned W2's nighttime adventures, it may come as no surprise that we accomplished nothing on the house last night. We had dinner out, as usual, as we have no kitchen, then returned home to watch a movie. Movies are our only form of entertainment since we have no cable, internet or phone. Not usually an issue as we are always working on the house, so there is very little time for entertainment.

So now I am hoping to get home early enough to open at least one window and point a fan out so that I can blow some of the fuel smell out of the house. Then maybe we will be able to move on to mixing and pouring that concrete that didn't get done last night.

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