Monday, February 4, 2008

A productive weekend

We never did get the cement mixed or poured prior to the weekend, but we got it done yesterday. The two remaining slabs were poured and we were finally able to move to the upstairs part of the addition, which will one day be our master suite. We ripped out the wiring that we have no faith in and were able to tear down one of the walls before W2's father arrived. We will return to ripping out wires and walls tonight.

W2's dad worked on the dining room windows. We helped. It's always stressful when he is there because he makes W2 crazy. He's the general contractor for the job but this is only the 5th time he's been out to the house since we started working on it. A tad frustrating to be sure and W2 doesn't have enough faith in his knowledge or abilities, so he was totally relying on his dad to be there to help him do this. I, on the other hand, have complete faith in W2. I feel horrible that I end up being unskilled labor for most of the project, but I'm willing to do anything, once I know how.

Bottom will take quite a bit more work. W2 survived another day of working with his dad and I only threw up twice!!

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