Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just when you think you're done

All went smoothly with the refinance and all the checks have been written so that we can pay off the evil Wells Fargo and be done once for all.  Today W2 gets a call from the rep. he's been dealing with and she tells him that they are not going to accept the payment as it is not in their best interest.


They have done nothing that was in our best interest and now they won't take our money?!  What the hell is that?

I got on the phone and called a lawyer.  At this point it is our only option.  I swear W2's head is going to pop off he's so mad and frustrated.  In the meantime, W2 was able to get in touch with a superior to the rep and learn that she is talking out her ass and can't tell us that.  He wrote the letter he was instructed to write and all should be good.  If not, we will enlist the help of said lawyer, maybe even go after them for harassment.

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