Thursday, June 26, 2008

Master bedroom

We are closing in on finishing the master bedroom.  The one thing we absolutely must do in the next day or two is to choose  a flippin' carpet.  This is the one thing that we will not and can not do on our own.  This means we have to be fit into someone else's schedule.  This could be a problem if we don't make a decision soon.  

The housewarming party is scheduled for August 2nd.  The evites have gone out and the print ones will be mailed tomorrow.  This means we have to be done.  Not maybe.  Definitely done.  I work well under pressure so deadlines are usually a good thing for me.  But when I have to be fit into someone else's schedule my time lines do not always work.


can you tell I am having some anxiety around this?!

There are 195 people invited to the party.  We have to be moved into the master suite and have the other three bedrooms emptied and set up for company.  That can't happen until the carpet is installed.


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