Wednesday, June 25, 2008


W2 bought me/us a weed whacker over the weekend, much to my delight and glee.  You see, I find myself tickled with owning a home with a yard.  I have waited anxiously/patiently to be able to design and plant the flower beds, herb garden and vegetable garden.  I had thought I would be able to do so this year, but not so.  We still have to tear up the yard in order to deal with the septic system, dry well, leeching field and who knows what else, along with siding the garage.  Which leaves out all eligible space for gardens :(

Anyway, W2 is a champ, but you all know that if you've been reading this for even just a minute, so he not only bought me a weed whacker, but he got one with attachments!!!!  He got a brush blade and a cultivator.  Now I was skeptical about the cultivator, having sold such things at the Evil Orange Box I was knowing that we took an awful lot of them back as returns because they didn't work for shit.  NOT THE CASE with this one.  It's amazing and chews right through our clay like dirt with no work from us.  How cool is that?!

I have been waging a war against the sumac that is taking over the whole back half of our yard.  Last week W2 purchased me/us a weed burner/flame thrower (which was very exciting for my pyromaniac heart), but it took an awful lot of patience to burn the living plants.  More patience that I come equipped with.  So off he went to research the best tool for the job and money and came home with this amazing kitty of tools.  I am delirious!!!  If you had told me that a weed whacker could make me this happy, even last year, I would have scoffed at you, but today, today I am tickled!

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