Monday, February 25, 2008

contractor hell

First contractor goes MIA, call second contractor. Second contractor no call no shows, call second contractor. Reschedule for following day with contractor #2, talk to former contractor whom you work with. Former contractor interested in job, comes to see the house assures me of a phone call Friday night. Second contractor calls half hour before scheduled apointment to reschedule due to weather, former contractor doesn't call.

This about the time I started gettin pissy.

Second contractor calls Saturday and asks if he can come out that day. I tell him no, we had agreed to touch base on Sunday. But then I realize I might be shooting myself in the foot, so I call W2, who agrees, I am shooting myself in the foot. I then call back contractor #2 and attempt to schedule for that afternoon. He's not sure, will call by 3pm.

3:15 contractor #2 calls to let me know he is on his least we'll get to see a damn contractor. He comes out, checks out the house and gives us a quote. It is twice as much as contractor #1, but wait that didn't include the soffets and fascia. That's another $1650. We don't have $7650 allotted to do this project. We have $3000 allotted. We are screwed and our backs are against the wall.

W2 heads to the bank today to see about a loan that will cover the siding and heating system. If we can pull off the siding, we may be able to extend the rehab loan, which would reimburse us for everything we have to borrow.

Keep your fingers crossed. I know I am.

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