Friday, February 22, 2008

I hate contractors

So I had called another contractor to give us an estimate on siding the house. We agreed to meet at the house last night at 6:30. I get home from work to find W2 wandering around the yard in wonder. It appears our first (long absent) contractor had been at the house cleaning up yesterday. First of all, IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME!!! Second, why that day?

So we scratch our heads and nash our teeth in frustration but anxiously await the meeting with contractor #2. We wait patiently for 6:30 to arrive. It arrives. The contractor does not.

We wait until 6:45, when I reach the end of my patience and call. No answer. No huge deal as we live in the middle of no where and people often lose cell reception enroute to our house. My phone rings moments later and it's the contractor. He stood us up!!! Are they all cut from the same damn cloth? I don't get it. He says he was so glad I called, because he had lost my number and wanted to change it to tonight. Whatever!!! I agreed to meet with him tonight and then promptly called contractor #1.

He claims he's been sick as a dog (for seven weeks?), that he was out last week and saw his guy hadn't cleaned up after them like he was told to, so he came out this week to clean up. MY ASS!! He wasn't out last week walking around. First off, it was muddy as hell last week. If anyone had been walking around our property we would have noticed the foot prints. Secondly, W2 and friends were home working on the beams. So he's blatantly lieing to us. Next he tries to tell me that he was gonna call, but he ah, ah, forgot, I guess. GRRRR!

I let him know we were getting bids from other contractors because we hadn't seen or heard from him in 7 weeks. I also let him know that he basically screwed us out of our rehab loan since he hasn't gotten the work done. We only had until March 3 and he's known that all along. Bottom line we're fucked out of $25k because we can't get a damn contractor to keep their word.

I hate contractors.

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