Thursday, February 21, 2008


We here at Casa su Rehab, have not gone the route of contractors. We've not done this for a couple reasons, ok one reason: MONEY. We don't really have it. You didn't actually think we were doing this all on our own because we wanted to, did you? because we desired the challenge? No, we are doing it the way we are doing it, because it is the way we can afford to do it. Anyway, we did give in to the need for a contractor when it came to the roof and the siding. We did this because a) neither W2 or myself really knows how to do either and b) neither of us wanted to be that high up on scaffolding. You see, our house is four stories at the peak in the back. Not a height I desire to achieve.

So we found a contractor that was willing to do the labor and allow us to purchase the materials. Not something most contractors will do. They want to buy the materials because they can get a contractor discount but charge you the retail price. This is how they are able to make some of their money. Whatever. We are able to get the contractor rate through W2's dad, so didn't want to pay anything additional. K, so we found said contractor. Great. but wait, not so great.

#1 he was supposed to start the week of Thanksgiving. That didn't happen. Not because of weather, but because he was running behind schedule. Fine. It would have been nice if he was able to communicate that with us, but whatever.

#2 he started but then requested money the first day on the job. We paid him, some. He worked a couple more days and requested more. We didn't pay him. We told him we would pay him when the roof was done.

#3 he finished the roof. we paid him. We overpaid him because the measurement the quote was based on were off. But we were ok with that, whatever. It wasn't that much and he was giving us a great rate on the siding.

#4 he disappeared.

#5 I called him 3 weeks after we had last seen him and he said he would be out that week

#6 he didn't show. I gave him a week from when he said I would see him. then I became his worst nightmare. I called and left a message EVERYDAY for a couple weeks. Asking when we would see him again. No response.

We have a rehab loan. It gives us 6 months to complete all work the bank has agreed to pay for. The siding is a major chunk of this work. Our contractor has essentially screwed us out of this loan because he didn't show up, showed up then disappeared. We have until March 3rd to get the house sided and inspected in order to get any of the money from the rehab loan.

I have another contractor coming to look at the house tonight. I will explain our predicament and see if there is any chance in hell of him siding our house before March 3rd. I doubt it is possible.

Our first contractor has left all of his ladders at the house. At this point I am ready to sell his ladders to help pay for some of our rehab.

I am not happy. and W2, well dear W2 has given up on sleep entirely.

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